The Great Health Reset  
Hi. Thank you for dropping in at my website. I am so glad your here giving me the opportunity to help you with your health problem. 
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 Let's talk- Do you think stress could be effecting your health? Possibly causing your ' health problem's? 
If you have watched any of my videos, you probably already  have a feeling that your 'problem' is really not THE problem? But, what is the problem.... One of the scariest thins can be thinking about your future with these problems, if you stay on this road where are you going to end up....... 
What will life be like? How sick and unhealthy will you become? Who will take care of your family? How many medications will you end up on? How many doctors will you see and still not feel better? Will you end up with cancer? 
Wow... that escalated fast, didn't it. All that worry and stress is at the heart of the problem.  
Okay, okay. Let's Stop that kind of thinking right now. Take a deep breath. I am here to help you fix your problems before they consume you.  Together, we will teach you to take control of your problems and change your health outcome. 
Remove things from the body that are not the Lords design and restore what is missing. So simple, it works. 
I totally understand because, I had a whole list of problems too. You just need the right tools to fix the problem. That is where I come in. 


I am inviting you to join me for a Free webinar where we will identify to source your problems and discuss a potential solution to help you fix your problems. 
That is step 1, identify the problem. 

If webinar's are not your thing you, I got you. You are welcome to schedule a 1:1 appointment at your convenience. I work in person & online.
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Here's what I'm all about
I am nothing if I'm not totally transparent and honest.
 I am: an RN. coach. humble. not fancy.  a cowgirl. a believer.  a wife. a mother. a grandmother. a small business owner. 
I hope that you will soon call me "your Nurse" and "Coach". 
I am  a professional that is there for you with honest answers, even when they are tough to hear. A hug or high five when that is the support you need. I will always take the time it takes to really hear you. 
Warning:  If you don't what to hear the truth. If you can't handle the truth, don't ask me. 

My Big D from 'health care'
A few years ago I 'divorced' health care. Or, should I just call it what it really is SICK care. I was so burnt out watching my patients just get sicker and sicker. They started on 1 medication and by the time a couple years went it was many medications and they had lost all control of their health. I honestly was hopeless myself. And, angry. I was just pissed off all the time and I really didn't know why. In hindsight, I understand, that is what happens when your conscious is out of alignment with your actions; everything just grates on your every nerve. This emotional stress was a HUGE root cause and trigger to my health problems. 
Anyway, by the grace of God, I was AWAKENED to a different perspective and my business was launched. This root cause, foundational health perspective has given me actual tools to help empower people to take control of their health, to RESTORE their health. My enthusiasm and love for helping people was 💯  totally reborn. I now have real tools that work, that help people fix their health problems. The opposite of what I had been doing; passing medications by the cupful  that cover symptoms and create more problems. 
At a young age, I felt called to help people, to guide and empower people. Ugh, I got so lost and sidetracked for a few years with the brainwashing of BigPharma with a pill for every ill. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the pain I suffered and the education because it brought me here to this place. I fully understand other people who have been trapped in the same system and need help to get out. 
Every day I get up motivated to find new people that I can AWAKEN to wellness and coach them to restored health. 
Your body can and will heal from any illness- If you weren’t born with it, you should not have to die with it. Or, because of it. I know, that is a big statement. 

Enough about me..... I can’t wait to hear your story!! 
If you want to know more, here ya go. 

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