Functional Health  (Medicine) 
Functional health  heralds a new shift in the way that we view health and disease. Using the latest advancements in medical testing, together with trusted holistic analytical tools and a forward-thinking approach to healthcare, functional medicine uncovers the root cause of illness and disease. Once identified, an individualized health program is drafted that includes condition-specific natural health supplements, a holistic nutrition diet plan and lifestyle recommendations based on your unique bio-individuality.

You were born to stay healthy.

Your body was designed to be self-repairing, self-regenerating – if given the right environment. With an increased toxic load, poor diet, elevated stress levels and lack of exercise, the body starts to display signs and symptoms. Symptoms are the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong, whether it is a digestive disorder, weight gain, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, allergies, heart disease or cancer. Very often we find that many of these symptoms stem from the same root issue. I like to compare symptoms to the language of a non verbal toddler who points and grunts to communicate. The symptoms are your body communicating discomfort to something you are exposing it to.  
Functional medicine recognizes this and evaluates these contributing factors on an individual basis; working efficiently to resolve root-cause issues as opposed to treating the symptoms. Functional medicine is based on a ‘patient-centred’ model rather than a ‘disease-centred’ model of health care, restoring health, wellness and vitality instead of treating disease.

To keep it simple this is how I think of it. 
"Remove from the body what is not of the Lords design, and replenish what is missing. The body will heal." 
You Can Heal
When you're in a low place with your health you just need someone who believes in you. 
believe in you.
Nurse Tanya

Increased Mental Clarity and Energy Levels

Reset Your Metabolism So You Can Burn Fat Efficiently

Improved Sleep Patterns

Balance Blood Sugar Imbalances and Cravings

Detoxify and Purify the Liver, Kidneys, Lymphatic System and more…

Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Decrease Joint Pain and Inflammation

Healthier Skin (Our largest detoxification organ)

Learn New Patterns of Healthy Eating and Easy Preparation Options

New Healthy Habits that can be used for a LIFETIME

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Functional Testing

At Awakened Wellness LLC, we use functional testing to look at the function of the body. We identify areas that are weak and require support so we can implement a plan of care to help the body restore.  Conventional medicine uses testing to diagnosis a disease and prescribe medication to modify the symptoms being experienced.
Some of more popular tests are listed below. Many many more available. Please inquire if there is something you are specifically interested in. 

Food & Mold Allergies - IgE
Food Sensitivities - IgG 
Environmental Allergies- IgE 
Anti- Gliadin Antibodies- Celiac 
Metabolic Profile- Blood Sugar, A1C, Insulin and much more
Thyroid Complete - with antibodies 
Hormone Complete - Male & female sex, stress 
Immune System & tumor marker (CEA)
Cancer Markers- 
Viral Panel
Tick Borne- Lyme
MTHFR- genetic
Stress & Metabolic Panel- HPA axis, Insulin, DHEA, Seg IgA
Gut health - gut zoomer, commensals, pathogens, digestive enzymes
Total Toxin- Environmental, Mycotoxins & Heavy metals
Organic Oat- nutrition markers 
DUTCH- extensive assessment of adrenal and sex hormones and their metabolites. 

Awakened Wellness LLC does not take insurance. We do have luck with most HSA cards. Unfortunately, most insurance does not recognize functional medicine because there is no diagnoses or pharmaceuticals in the plan of care. 

Qest4 Boi-energetic Testing

Bio-energetic Testing
Bio-energetic testing is the product of a 30-year evolution of bio-feedback research started by Dr. Voll in the1950s. Dr. Voll was a German physician who became disgruntled with the traditional model of medicine and started to look at alternative methods that would address the “root” issues of his patients rather than masking a symptom. He used the Chinese meridian system theory to determine energetic imbalances using anohmmeter. His research proved to be very effective and has evolved into what has been termed: Biofeedback,Electro Dermal Screening, Bio-energetic Testing, and Meridian Stress Analysis. This method of evaluationcontinues to advance and has proven to be a valid method for determining disturbances within an individual’senergetic field.By using this testing method, alternative practitioners are better able to support the areas of the body wherethere is improper energy flow and provide balancing energy signatures to help restore proper energeticcommunication to the energetic field of the body.


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