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My in-person & telemedicine programs combined with functional and bioenergetic testing, identification of nutritional 
deficiencies and nutritional support services have a powerful effect on maximizing your body’s potential to heal. 

The first step in working with Nurse Tanya is to book a 60- 90 Min New Client Consultation appointment.  Once you book you will receive an email with a forms  with in depth information about your symptoms and medical history. There will also be targeted functional assessments your will complete to narrow down your root causes and triggers. These tasks must be done 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. You may also email any current (within the last year) labs that you would like to share to support your care. At your scheduled appointment time Nurse Tanya will discuss your history with you to make sure she understands what is going on. At the first appointment we will run 3, Quest4 boi-energetic scans to better assess your current state of wellness. For Distance clients you will send a DNA sample prior to your appointment. The scan will be run with your sample while we are on the tela-med call. 
Sometimes in order to get to the root of the problem patients may need advanced functional medicine testing. Nurse Tanya will explain any tests you may need and answer any questions you have. The first visit will also include treatment options such as diet, lifestyle, supplements, and if necessary, a referral for any other investigation or therapy that Tanya cannot provide. 
After your first appointment, your next follow up appointment will be 2 weeks to make sure all is well and questions are answered. Then we will meet monthly for the next 4- 12 months. At the point of your 4th month in active restoration, we will retest where needed and reevaluate your care plan. 

Common Questions:
How long will it take before I am better?
   Nurse Tanya: This will very with every client. At the risk of sounding harsh, the success of this program is all on you and your determination to get      better. At a minimum it will be 4 months to get through the Foundational part of the program where we clean up your terrain. 
How Much will it cost?
    Nurse Tanya: This too will vary with every client. I will do my best to work within each individual budget. Please understand these variables can  significantly change the time frame of the restorative process. 
Do you have a Value Package? 
     Nurse Tanya: Yes I sure do. I offer a 4 month plan that includes all your visits, text and email weekly, group coaching calls & subscription to the VPI education vault. PLUS %10-15  off your CellCore products in that 4 month period when you subscribe to auto-ship. 

Packages do not include testing, supplements or treatments. 


  • Detailed comprehensive review of full medical history
  • Analysis of any past lab results looking for clues
  • Thorough initial consultation to understand your symptoms and health problems
  • A written plan of the tests you need based on your history, including an explanation of what the prescribed tests are for and their cost.
  • Advanced Functional Medicine testing
  • Detailed report explaining testing results and identifying root causes.
  • Individualized Treatment Plan (Non-drug – will include diet, lifestyle recommendations, supplements, and if necessary, a referral for any other investigation or therapy that Tanya cannot provide.)
  • 30 minute-1 hour long results meeting with explanation of test results, presentation of individualized treatment plan and time to ask questions
  • E-mail communication options while you are going through treatment.
  • Re-testing when necessary to ensure treatment is working and update treatment.


60-90 Minutes: New patient paperwork, review of health issues with Nurse Tanya, recommendations on functional medicine testing, personalized dietary needs, supplements prescription, lifestyle and referrals if necessary.
30-60 Minutes: Follow up on progress, review of any tests ordered or further orientation needs or questions. 

When you're in a low place with your health you just need someone who believes in you. I believe in you. 

Nurse Tanya 

I understand, I am still on this road to restoration with you. It is a forever lifestyle. It can be lost just as it was found. We have to stick together. We have to help build each other- we are stronger together. 

For years, I felt helpless inside my own body.... Even as I was learning how to integrate more holistic and “crunchy” habits into my life, I was still struggling daily...