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Nurse Tanya RN- Restorative Health Coach 

The Road to Restoration is a life long journey we will take together. It is not a fad diet or a quick fix. It is a lifestyle change that will touch every area of your life as you learn and grow into a new balanced version of yourself. Nurse Tanya, Restorative Health Coach, certified by The Wellness Way, will be your personal tour guide as you restore health in your body one phase. Together we will create a care plan that is unique to you.  You will set the pace of your journey as you choose to implement better choices, building better habits. One day at a time, you are 💯 in control. Together, we will do health differently!
Awakened Wellness LLC does not diagnose or treat any specific diseases, prescribe medication, or replace physician care. 

Offering you affordable restorative health solutions:

Laboratory Diagnostics

Awakened Wellness LLC makes lab testing easy and convenient. By using lab kits we can get you tested in person or by mail order, many  of the samples are collected by you in the comfort of your own home. Proper testing provides invaluable insights  into you health and where your body is in need of support, allowing us to better address: hormone balance, thyroid function, auto immune conditions, metabolic disorders, weight management, cardiovascular disease, and much more

Hormone Balancing

Your hormones are the building blocks to every function in your body and affect each individual uniquely. We understand hormones and have the tests and approach to help restore them to normal function. We will work through the causes of your fatigue and other symptoms by removing stressors so your body can find hemostasis. 

Customized Nutrition

The foods you eat can be a form of medicine, or a slow form of poison. For example, even if you are eating an organic diet, you could still be experiencing toxic food syndrome. This happens when  your immune system is having an adverse reactions to what you are eating and treating them as a toxin.  Unknown to you, inflammation and oxidative stress is occurring in the body, causing sickness & disease.
To address that issue,  we offer powerful customized nutrition program, and testing, to specifically to heal your body.
 "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


We take detoxification very seriously. That is why we use well planned,  customized detoxification protocols specific to your bodies chemistry. By using CellCore Biosciences 4-8 month plan, we will set you up to succeed by cleaning your terrain of harmful bacteria, parasites, molds, viruses, and toxins. 
Remove what God did not put there and the body will restore. 

Weight Loss

Together we will uncover your specific roadblocks that are causing your body to hang on to the excess weight. At the same time you will build new habits and grow in confidence and true health. No, it won't be easy. You will have to let go of old concepts about food and calories. We will do it together, step by step in a way that you will achieve sustainable, long term weight loss.

Take Control

Soon you will experience the feelings of joy and empowerment because you have taken control of your health. You are about to break loose from the lies you have been told about your health and the powerless situation of disease. 
The myth that sounds like, "____ just runs in my family, so that is why I am sick."