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Q & A

Q. What is Summit?
A. Summit is simply chondroitin 4 sulfate (C4S), suspended in sterile water. Summit was originally developed to use in human ocular lens transplant surgeries. Summit is the purest form of C4S available. Unlike other products, it has had all heparins and other potentially damaging molecules removed from the single C4S molecule. Summit is an all-natural product, not a synthetic created in the lab, nor polysulfated. Summit has an incredibly low molecular weight, and its small size allows it to penetrate barriers in the body, like joint capsules, much easier than other products. A large percentage of the molecules that make up tissues in the joints is C4S. Replenishing these structures with nature’s version of this important molecule, instead of synthetic lab creations that are over 100x the molecular weight, is of great benefit.

Q. What is the injection protocol for the loading dose of Summit Equine/Canine?
A. Give one IM (intra-muscular) shot every 7 days for 4 weeks. After the loading dose, most horses and/or dogs will be able to switch to a once-per-month dosing schedule. High performance horses in heavy competition can benefit from using Summit more often. Many top-level horses on a Summit regimen use it once a week.

Q. Are there any negative side effects?
A. As with any injection, there is always a slight risk of an injection site reaction. The occurrences of an injection site reaction with Summit has been less than 1 in 10,000. It has not however been tested in pregnant animals.

Q. My horse has a chip in a joint, will Summit help?
A. Unfortunately, there is nothing that will cure a chip without surgery. Summit may decrease the associated pain from inflammation but will not fi x the root cause of the pain.

Q. Are Summit products made in the US?
A. Proudly, they are!

Q. Why is Summit Joint Performance so much more reasonably priced than other joint products on the market?
A. From day one, Summit Joint Performance has made a conscious decision to keep the price low in order to help as many animals as possible, to perform and feel their best. We do not want price to be the determining factor that could prevent a needy animal from receiving the benefi ts of Summit.

Q. Do I administer the whole vial?
A. Yes. Each vial is a single dose. To ensure sterility, we do not make multi-dose vials

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