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VitaDrip IV 
We have a drip for that! 
Did you know that 70% of the general population is dehydrated?

Awaken wellness in you.

Welcome! We are so glad you found Awakened Wellness. We are prepared for you. Nurse Tanya is the first RN in Montana to offer the services of VItaDrip IV. What is VitaDrip IV? It is personal, professional, concierge IV nutrition service. 
All of our drips are life enhancing hydrating drips that help to balance your body’s fluids and electrolytes at the cellular level. 
Nurse Tanya also travels to surrounding communities in MT providing drips. Simply get your group together and coordinate your schedules to receive drips on the same day.  Please email to make arrangements. 

For clients that prefer to Drip in Nurse Tanya office, please use the self scheduling prompt at the close of this form. 
All travel clients need to schedule directly with Nurse Tanya 406-290-8727, or

Drips Prices
Basic 159.99
Premium 199.99
Deluxe 299.99  
NAD 570.00

add an enhancer to your drip for 25.00
Vitamin C - high dose
B Complex 
Amino acids

IM injections 45-50.00
Weight Loss- Fat Burning 

Stem Cells- call for pricing and information

Where is the ideal place for your VitaDrip IV service?
Additional Information
Do you have a diagnosis of CHF or COPD?
Are you suffering from CoVid long Haul syndrome? the Meyer drip is the drip for you.