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I help ambitious open minded professionals embrace a new health perspective to solve their comon issues naturally so they can be in control of their life. 

When working 1:1 with clients there is 3 main things I focus on:
1. Replenishing their body with the exact foods they need to feel their best. 
2. Restoring balance to their whole person based on their unique needs identified by comprehensive functional lab testing and assessment. 
3. Naturally building  a strong foundation of health from the inside out so they can be in control of their health. 

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Restoration Healing Tools & Hacks 
Offered at Awakened Wellness LLC
215 South Central Ave, Sidney MT
Monday 8-11 by appointment
 12-5 open*
Tuesday 8-11 by appointment
12- 5 open* (no IV/IM available)
Wednesday 8-12 open*
1-6  by appointment
Thursday 8-11 by appointment 
12-5 open* (no IM/IV available)
Friday 10-5 open*
Saturday CLOSED
Sunday by appointment 

* Shopping, PEMF/Red light, Ionic Foot Bath, IV & IM Vitamin treatments
Appointments: Local In Person Bioenergetic testing and consultations 
406-290-8727 call/text

Energy Balance 
& Emotional Release

Vitamin IV, IM 
& Stem Cell Therapy

PEMF Therapy 
& Red Light
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field 

Ionic Foot Bath

My in-person & telemedicine programs combined with functional medicine testing, identification of nutritional 
deficiencies and nutritional support services have a powerful effect on maximizing your body’s potential to heal. 

Bio-energetic & Functional 
Laboratory Testing

Stress Management &
Weight Loss Solutions

Fatigue, thyroid &

Chronic & Acute 
Digestive Disorders

What is Functional Medicine?
“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” ― Thomas A. Edison

You Can Heal

With Some Help, Everything Could Be Different


  Tanya Candee RN BSN   

Restorative Health Coach        Infusion Specialist             PEMF Practitioner

I have been a Registered Nurse since 2005. I am passionate about helping people take back control and restore their health. 

I spent over 15 years in the health care industry, and I have seen the devastation of medication side-effects & poly-pharmacy. I find it so sad that even with all the advancement of medicine, people are not getting any healthier. For years I have been asking why? 

It was my own chronic pain, autoimmune disease, and GI issues that sent me looking for answers. I was not willing to undergo years of medical tests and spend thousands of dollars so I could have a "diagnosis" so I could then be prescribed nasty medication to cover up my symptoms. So, I started searching for a way to take back control of. my health. My journey lead me first to PEMF therapy, then to The Wellness Way. When I first heard Dr Flynn's perspective, I was totally blown away. He was bringing words to what I had been thinking for my whole career. Just like that, I joined His Academy and became a Restorative Health Coach. It is hard to describe the change that has taken place in me. It truly is a  "Awakening to Wellness". Since then I have been 'unlearning' the lies I had been sold by BigfarmA and the institutions that govern our 'sick care' system. In short, my "awakening" experience is why this business, Awakened Wellness LLC, was birthed. Awakened Wellness within individuals, has become my life mission. I so desire to help you and others undo the mess that the 'health care' system has made of you. 

As a Certified Wellness Way Restorative Health Coach, I address the root cause of your problems: thoughts, toxins & trauma. I use tools such as: blood, stool, and urine testing to assess how the body is functioning. However, I do not diagnose conditions or diseases. I look at the test with a different  perspective than a medical doctor. I look at the function of the body letting the body tell me where it needs support, then develop a plan to specify give the body what it needs and remove stressors so the body can heal.  There is no problem too big, too little, or too far-gone: we can always create a better tomorrow when we make a decision to do health differently today.

When you remove from the body what is not of the Lords design and replace what is missing....... miracles happen. Restoration happens.  
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