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Private Pay, Private Duty Nursing Services


Medication Set Up

Dealing with medications can be confusing and lead to medication errors. Allow Me to come to your home and take care of setting up your weekly medications for you. This includes medication refills and pharmacy pickup. 

Appointment Assistance

Going to your doctors appointments alone can be intimidating, stressful, and confusing. I would be happy to accompany you to your appointment and be your health care advocate. I will make sure you understand your doctors instructions and that they hear your concerns. 

I can also assist you with your video and distance appointments needs. 

Blood Draws & Injections

Going to the hospital just for a blood draw can be an inconvenience. I can draw your blood in your home and deliver it to the lab so you don't have to go out. 

If you require an injection(s) I can assist you in the comfort of your home. I can pick up the need supplies at your pharmacy or doctors office. 

Wound Care

Taking care of wounds at home can be very stressful. I can assist you with wound care according to your doctors orders. 

Basic Vitals

I can take an accurate reading of your blood pressure, O2 sat, temperature, & respiration. 

Quick Labs

I can assist you with at home lab testing: blood sugar testing, A1C, urine analysis, and strep throat.