Sowing Seeds of Health
Sowing the seeds of Health. 

In my practice as a Restorative Health Coach, I often compare the human body to a garden spot.  I use this analogy to help my clients understand importance of having a foundation of health before expecting the body to restore (grow health).
I would like to share this analogy with you as well. It is so simple and so ture. It works because, most people have a basic understanding of how to sow a seed in soil and what conditions are needed for it to grow. Gardeners   understand that the soil is the most important part. They know not to plant  seed in a garden spot with poor drainage, toxic soil, overrun with weeds, or void of nutrients. They will spend a great deal of time preparing the soil before sowing the seeds. Of course, the job does not end there. They must water, weed, and love the tender seedlings as they grow. 
Now, I will show you where your health fits into this analogy. First, your body is the soil. Second, the things you implement to improve your health are the seeds. 
Your seeds could be things like: herbs, supplements, testing, diets, and exercise.....
These are all good things that should grow health, and do, when the conditions are favorable. 
Putting it all together. If the soil (body) is full of toxins and pathogens; the seeds (health interventions) get choked out by weeds. Most importantly, the soil drainage (bowel and digestion), and  nutrients (mitochondrial function) must be balanced so the body can repair on a cellular level. 
Awakened Wellness LLC is the place  where true restoration begins. When working with a client, I always keep one simple principle in mind.
 When we remove from the body what is not of the Lords design, and replace what is missing. The body will heal.
We start by preparing the soil (body) together. We identify and remove all of the bad elements: toxins, trauma, negative thoughts, bad bacteria, pathogens, and parasites. Next, we choose the seeds (habits, supplements, diet, and exercise) that are to be planted. Finally, we work together to cultivate and grow the delicate seedlings (habitats). Gently, over time, my clients bloom a bountiful harvest of health.

The body can and will restore from any disease. Are you ready
 for a different 
perspective  on your health? I would love to help you. Please contact me today. 406-290-8727
When your in a low place with your health you just need someone to believe in you. I Believe in YOU - Nurse Tanya


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