Energetic Elements- My Instagram live interview

Energetic Elements
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when you go to the beach, or you spend time in nature, like you just feel so relaxed and balanced and grounded. And that's an example of how like energy and elements can actually impact our well being. So we're going to dive deeper into what some of those concepts are. We're going to have Tanya talk about bioenergetic testing to understand your healing opportunities, how that can help us collect more data or insights about what's going on with us so we can take strategic action to feel amazing. And then we're going to wrap it up with various tips to help you elevate your energy and vibration so you can live your best life. So ladies, let's jump in. Tanya, I'm going to kick it off with you, because you're our expert speaker today. So I would love for you to just take a moment to tell everybody a little bit about who you are and what you do, and why don't you open up the conversation and enlighten us about what Energel energetic elements are and how they can impact a person's well being?
Jen: So let's Yeah, let's dig right in, because I know we have so much, like, interesting information to cover. So as we get started today, a couple of little housekeeping things. Want to let our audience know here that we're here to, like, engage with you, interact with you, answer your questions, give you some coaching on the spot to help you figure out the missing pieces of your health puzzle so you can fix whatever's going on and feel like your absolute best self. So please, please, please, drop your questions in the comments here so we can give you some on the spot direct information for you. Specifically, also want to let you guys know that we are recording and transcribing this so we will have an audio recording and the transcribe notes available after the show today or after our talk. You can directly message either Tanya here, Margo or Wendy with the word energy, and they'll get you a link to those notes and the audio so that you can capture every little gem of information that we are going to share here today. If you guys are new to our little panel of roundhouse discussions that we do here with health speakers, we here bring these, I bring a panel on every like other Wednesday at 230 pacific time to talk about various topics and have discussions around health elements to help you really get the information that you need to feel your absolute best as you move through life. So if you want to stay up to date on all the stuff that we have coming up in terms of speakers and discussions here, make sure you follow me Holistic Health boss here on Instagram, and I want to encourage you to follow all of our speaker speaker panel here too, because the interesting stuff that we are going to discuss here today, we're sharing all the time on Instagram for you guys to stay up to speed. So we are here talking today what our subject or our theme is going to be, is cutting edge energetic elements for health, we're going to be touching on what exactly energetic elements are and how they impact your well being, which I was just giving that kind of example of, like 

Nurse Tanya: 
Well, that is a big introduction and a huge subject, but I'm excited. Let's I made some notes, so let's get into it. So one, just to start out the conversation, I'm not the normal person. You're here this information coming from. I am an RN by licensure. I consider myself to be divorced from the secure system, so I always kind of wear I still wear my uniform. I still look like a nurse, but all of a sudden there's things coming out of my mouth that do not sound like I am a nurse. So I am a functional health coach. I take the opportunity to help people transition from coming out of that medical realm into the more natural realm and doing things in a natural way, it is the best place to be. So when we start the conversation about energy and energy balance, and it's such a big concept in my brain, especially with my medical training, really wants to be black and white. Wants to you know, so a little story. I was this person, like years and years ago, when people would talk to me about essential oils, I would be like, Oh, sure. So you think that essential oil is gonna do what? And, you know, I'd be like, so you believe in Santa Claus, right? Like, to me, those were all kind of in the same era in itself, I found out about vibration, about frequency, about energy, and so I learned first with essential oils, that what they're doing is re tuning, that if I'm going to use an oil to help my liver, then it's the oil is asking my liver to come back in balance, because my organs all are on a frequency. They're on a different frequency, right? So that was kind of my first aha moment. Was like, Okay, there's something to this.

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